What To Do In A Moment Of Business Crisis

Businesses face this all the time: scandals, crises and accidents. When something happens that plasters you and your business on the front pages of a newspaper, or worse, across the internet, panic can set in and freeze you. By the time the crisis has passed, it’s all over and the damage is done. During a crisis, the most important thing to protect is not your assets but your reputation; assets can be recovered but a reputation takes time to rebuild. So here are some tips on how to manage a crisis in the business:

Have a Contingency Plan

No matter how small you feel your business is, have a contingency plan and acquaint all your employees with it. All it takes is one status or tweet from an employee to fan unconfirmed rumours of bankruptcy into a media frenzy, which in turn will see your stock prices crashing and so on. Decide what to do in case of an emergency and write it down in a plan, along with numbers of who to call and direct inquiries. Say you run a small restaurant in Melbourne and someone takes ill from food poisoning; the authorities will close your restaurant but you have to pay your employees anyway. A contingency plan would be forewarning them that they will go on half wages in such an event, or drawing from a current account while boosting it later with a fixed deposit you’ve had the foresight to open six months prior.

Hire Professionals to Handle Your Reputation

If you’re a private nursing home in Sydney and you’re hit by a lawsuit from angry relatives claiming some kind of malfeasance suit, the best thing to do is hire a public relations agency in Sydney that is experienced at handling the media and press in order to minimize the damage done to your reputation.

Businesses that offer a service vs. a product depend on the integrity of their reputation so any stain will only serve to drive clients away. A public relations agency in Sydney will help in writing press releases, decide who to appoint as press coordinator, prepare any disclosures if necessary and basically arrange a game plan to recover from the accusations.

Have Informed Employees

Many companies do fire drills, but few do drills for handling crises, possibly because no one expects it to happen till it does. But it is important for every member of your business, from the CEO to the janitor to know what to do, where to be and more importantly, what not to do in times of crisis. If you have a ban on leaking any kind of info, make sure your employees know and understand the importance of sticking to that rule. In this day and age, sharing a secret can be tempting so take steps to stem such impulses by having drills that emphasize the necessity of working together to ride the wave.

Why Elevated Shelving is a Must if you have Kids


If you have kids or ever have been to a house where there is whole bunch of little kids aged around 3 to 6, I’m pretty sure you have experienced the way they run around trying new things and meddling with each and everything they could get their hands on. Which as a result increases the difficulty of keeping dangerous things away from them and not allowing them to access it. One of the most common ways to ensure that our little ones don’t get their hands on dangerous things is by storing hazardous equipment and substances like kerosene, rat poison etc. in elevated places so that it can be only accessed by an adult at home. Therefore this article will bring you a few benefits of getting used to storing in elevated places.

Kids can’t access Elevated Heights

Raised storage areas are one exciting way to ensure the little ones don’t get their hands on dangerous things which can harm their health. However, this helps the child’s mentality to understand that he or she needs to grow up in order to get those things stored up above which gives them a simple understanding as to it being stored there is because it is not good for them. By the time they grow up enough to reach the stored things they will understand the level of safety they need to take when using them.

Safer and Secure

By storing things in elevated places it helps things to be kept safe and secure. When it is being kept in a place where an adult would even by accident could not access that place there is a possibility of it being even more secure since it is not exposed to accidental hazards which might not be the case if it was stored in a place where it could be easily accessed and is vulnerable to many dangerous things.

Saves Floor Space

Another huge benefit gained by raised storage areas is that it gives a huge saving of floor space. This matters a lot when it comes to things which cannot be stored in elevated places for example things like a grass cutter machine, a vehicle, exercise machines etc. which cannot be stored in elevated places needs floor space essentially. Hence utilizing elevated storing places becomes a huge benefit for the storage of other important equipment. This will also avoid the hassle of disorganized spaces where when all things are kept on the ground including the things which cannot be stored above, it becomes increasingly difficult to manage floor space as well as clatter. Alpha Storage & Equipment provides a variety of storage and stacking equipment for your business at reasonable prices. 

Hence looking at the above discussion it is clear that using elevated storing mechanisms is every much beneficial than ground storing.

Setting Up A Children’s Park In Your Neighbourhood

If you and your neighbours have been talking about converting or updating your local park so that your children have a safe, fun place to go play, then we’ve put together some tips and suggestions for you!

Playground EquipmentNo children’s park is complete without a swing set and a slide. You should first consider setting up a budget for playground equipment and then look into purchasing necessary playground items. You will need to ensure that each piece of equipment meets safety standards so that you can avoid risk of injury and having to replace equipment regularly. Either equip the playground with wooden equipment or consider looking into stainless steel or concrete options. Concrete works well for slides although its hard surface can cause injury. In addition to swing sets and slides, also consider creating a sandbox. Perhaps someone might volunteer to help build one, allowing your neighbourhood to limit expenses. Make sure that whatever equipment you purchase is weather proof, can withstand extreme heat and cold, and will stand up to regular use, check this line marking removal in Sunshine coast.

Alternate Playground OptionsA children’s playground need not only contain structural equipment. Children also love to play hopscotch and even team sports like basketball or soccer. Marking out a court would also provide older kids with a safe space in which to play and practice. Rather than marking out a temporary court or setting up a makeshift one on occasion, consider hiring a company that provides line marking services to help out.

They will often be willing to mark up a variety of sports courts, and kids’ games including hopscotch and other counting games as part of the line marking services that they provide. Hiring professionals will also ensure that the markings don’t wear off easily and will stay waterproof and will not fade easily.

Safety FirstYou may also like to consider ensuring that the park is well enclosed. If the park is located on or near a busy street having a fence or mesh around the park could prevent kids from running out onto the street. Yet another important safety measure is to consider the flooring of your park. Many parks have rubber matting around playground equipment to prevent bad falls and injuries. However, if this is beyond your budget you could consider planting soft grass and avoiding paving or concrete flooring in and around the playground equipment.

A children’s park is meant to be a sae and fun place where kids can go to make friends, play and burn out some energy. Making sure it’s safe will ease parents’ minds and protect your kids from injury.