We use metal for many purposes. A large part of what we use are made out of metal. From the building we live in to the roads we walk in and the cars we travel in, are all made out of various metals. Different types of metal have different value as well. Some have properties that are useful such as iron, which is strong enough to use in construction and metals such as copper are used for their electric conductivity to use as cables. There are around 80 known metals to man. Some elements are not classified as metal but may take a metallic form under high pressure.


Iron is one of the most common element on earth. It is available abundantly. Iron has been used since historic times for armor, weapons, buildings and so on. Iron also plays an important role in biology as well. Over 90% of world metal production is iron despite iron rusting easily. Further, Iron has many applications and is used in nearly every metal product ranging from constructions to welding Windsor and certain medical equipment. Steel is made out of iron, therefore there are additional uses as well.


Aluminium is a type of metal that makes up 8% of the earth’s crust. Aluminium is also the 3rd most abundant material in the world following oxygen and silicon. This makes aluminium the most abundant metal in the world. Aluminium has the ability to resist corrosion and is used for many applications such as the aerospace industry, which it is absolutely vital for and other uses such as in automobiles, windows frames, phones and etc. Industries such as the aerospace industry, aluminium goes through a metal fabrication Blacktown.


Copper is a type of metal that has a high thermal and electricity conductivity. Copper is of a red – orange colour and is found in human bone, muscle and liver. Through oxidization copper turns green and is one of the few metals that is useable through naturally occurrence rather than extraction from ore. Due its conductivity, copper is used primarily for thermal and electricity conductivity in buildings. Similarly, copper is used for thermometers and other thermal and electric monitoring devices.


Gold is valuable metal and is one the least reactive elements. Since historic times, the value of gold has been present due to its rarity. Due to its valuable nature, gold is primarily used in various jewellery and is generally highly demanded. Gold was also made into coins and traded historically. The gold consumption rate is currently at 50% for jewellery, 40% as investment and 10% for industries.