We complain that children in this generation doesn’t know how to treat their parents, how to speak to them properly and listen to them. We complain that teenagers are out of control and rebellious. But do we stop to consider who raised this generation up in the first place? What sow, we reap. So we must be careful about what and when we sow.

We are busy with our hectic work schedules and business trips, running from one household chore to another that we forget to take some time off to spend some quality time with our children. We do not become a part of their lives and thus drift apart day by day even though we live physically in the same premises.

Parenting is not an easy feat. There are definitely going to be ups and downs along the way but the most important thing to remember is that we must show them that we love them. And we must do this from a very young age.

Do little things that means a lot unsaid

There are little ways to show them how much you love them. Tuck them in bed, a quick hug before they leave for school, or stick a small note on the lid of the plastic boxes you use as a lunch box or even on their lunch bags to let them know that mommy had prepared this with love (warning: this might not work with teenagers and would plainly embarrass them in front of their peers.)

Trust them

What you must remember is that this generation is not your generation. Their preferences and tastes differ from yours and that’s ok. They do not have to conform to the pattern of your choice of living. As long as they do not harm themselves or the society you must allow them to discover themselves, explore different options in life and ultimately chose the right way of living. You need a gentle push here and there but you need to trust them (and let them know that you trust them) to make that right choice.

Show them that they are important

Admire even their smallest achievements and make a big deal out of it. Share it with friends and family. Never forget to tell them how proud you are of their achievement. Give them responsibilities and encourage them to take up responsibilities on their own. Compliment on how they perform it.

Be a friend

Teenagers tend to be closer to their peers and not the older age categories. They are more open to them than their parents. They prefer their advice as opposed to yours. Adolescence is a difficult transition in life and they undergo a lot of changes both physically and mentally. You must be aware of these and respect their privacy and silence. You must be a friend to them. Make sure they know that you are there whenever they need to talk to you, however busy you are.

Spend some quality time with them.

Don’t make it look like a boring mandatory chore to hang around you every day for a specific time. Just go out and do things your kids love to do. Research on the most trends that is in with the younger generation and take an actual interest in the things that they are interested in.

Discuss things with them first

Children feel inclusive when you discuss decisions that affect them as a family. Rather than you taking a decision and informing them on what to do, make sure you ask them about their feelings on that matter. Be democratic as much as possible.