Your office space can make or break your employees. But why is it such a vital factor in determining worker productivity? Imagine working in an office that is dull, unorganized and poorly lit, how productive do you feel? Not so much right? A gloomy and dark office is one that will depress anyone, if you ask me. But an office that is well-lit, organized and vibrant is one that will wake you up and get your creative juices flowing, even in the laziest of days, optimizing worker productivity in the process. Therefore, creating an office that is both aesthetically pleasing and uplifting will be a step towards a more successful and efficient business.


Sitting in a dark office is downright depressing and you will most likely fall asleep and lighting is undoubtedly the most important aspect in creating a more stimulating work environment. Natural light is preferable to artificial light sources. Therefore, any windows that are present in a room should be unobstructed so as to allow as much natural lighting as possible. You will also be saving money and energy by maximizing the use of natural lighting. However, you will also need high quality artificial lighting to keep your office illuminated when it’s dark outside. Link here offer a great of signs that will suit your needs.

A welcoming entrance

One of the first things that people will notice about your office will be its entryway. First impressions matter, not just with people, but with places too. Therefore, setting an lively ambiance the moment they look upon your building or office space is key to creating a great first impression. Having modern looking outdoor signs serves your business in two ways; it delivers information about your business and creates an aesthetic appeal (depending on its design, of course). Plants can also be used to make your office seem more natural and welcoming to clients and stakeholders.


Colors aren’t just stimulating to kids. Colors can determine how a space is perceived. For example, colors such as green and blue are considered to be calming and would help reduce the tension in a room, therefore they should be used for discussion rooms and breakrooms. While stronger colors such as red and orange can be stimulating and may evoke aggression and excitement, therefore red is not ideal color for the general workspace as it can be overstimulating. It’s also important to choose colors that are consistent, you can also consider using colors from your brand to resonate its meaning throughout the office. Color coding office supplies can make your office seem more organized.