So as you see it is not a simple decision to make. There are lots of factors to consider and expenses to be made before you make the plunge. The plunge bath or the space you have created for aquatic sports or recreational water activities need to be maintained and cleaned in a regular manner. The water that is used need to be cleaned to prevent disease and improve the quality the patrons experience when using the facility. Even if you are having a commercial swimming, centre or having a residential pool, the maintenance factor is very important. It is recommended that the overall space and other equipment such as the pool heaters be checked on a weekly basis. This needs to be done even if the facility in not in use. This is important because the water is not running and it is in one location. Stagnant water can harbour a lot of bacteria creating a lot of risks for users. Let’s look at some of the core areas that maintenance teams need to look in to.

The water: algae and fungi can easily thrive on stagnant water; therefore disinfecting the water is very important. Some use chemicals while others use UV therapy and less harmful methods as well. Skimming in a very common system that is used to remove any floating debris from the water. This will have to be done every day, sometimes several times a day depending on the surrounding area.

Ph levels: this is also an important aspect and must be checked regularly. A ph meter or an electronic measurement device is recommended to be used for this purpose.

The filters: most commercial and domestic facilities will have inbuilt filters that help clean the water. However this unit or units also need to be inspected and cleaned as they can collect debris while cleaning the water. So if the pool water is to stay clean then the equipment used to clean also must be inspected. Along with the filters pool pumps need to be inspected as well. Looking for a high quality of pool equipment you can see this page in such details.

Tiling: many pools have some form of lining inside. This adds to the look and feel of the pool as well. However they can quickly get discoloured or damaged. Therefore careful checking is required. Sometimes broken or cracked tiling can injure a swimmer as well. Scrubbing the tiling and the sides are very important to keep the tiling shining and looking fresh and new.

A winter check: in areas where you are likely to face the cold climate, you must take measures so that the pool and the water can withstand the harsh weather. The water in the pool, need to be chemically balanced, so that they can withstand the cold. If measures are not taken then you might face costly repairs when you do open the facility again during summer. Regular checks and investing in maintenance can help you run the facility for longer periods of time with minimum costly repairs.