You may have seen that different colors of the glass bottles have been used in the market. Most of the times we see it in a brewery where mostly green and amber glass bottles are used and sometimes some brewery also make use of the black glass bottles. Most of us may think that these are only used for decoration purposes and for giving a variety but there is much more to this.  

Amber glass bottles are not only used for the wines, but these are also used for storing many syrups in the medicine and many kind of serums in the cosmetic industry as well. The main reason of using these bottles is that these bottle help in keeping the product fresh and protects it from all kind of bacteria and harmful rays of the sun. It is true that there are some chemicals in some serums, medicines or even in some drinks which are very reactive with the UV rays of the sun. As soon as these come in contact with the UV rays the chemicals form a chemical reaction and produce other kind of elements which change the contents of the product and make it harmful and not safe to consume. The amber bottles are known for their protection against the UV rays since these blocks out all the UV rays and therefore, no UV ray enter the bottle to destroy its content. 

Similarly, the blue light could also be damaging and reactive for some liquids and the foods and therefore, the amber glass bottles Melbourne also provide protection against the blue light. Even though both the UV and the blue light also have their positive effects but these are only for certain products and for those black glass bottle or blue glass bottles are used. 

Most of the people have problems with the plastic bottles since the science has proved that the content of the plastic could react with the product inside and could be damaging and therefore, most of the people prefer the right glass bottles since these are a good option and when these glass bottles are available in different colors which add extra layers of protections then the customer is more than satisfied about the safety of the contents of the product.

The green glass bottles are also been used in the brewery but these are mostly used to stop the wine from the process of the oxidization. It has been observed that the wine only requires the specific amount of the oxygen and if more oxygen is given then the wine keeps on getting oxidized which affects the taste and make it duller.